Benefits of goji ​berry


What is the goji berry?
Called goji in Chinese, this small medicinal berry is revered in China.
Lycium barbarum is the botanical name for what's commonly known as wolfberry in the West.This species of wolfberry from the Ningxia Province in northern China is widely known as the most nutrient dense food on the planet. It's numerous health benefits have been proclaimed for millennia in traditional Chinese medicine and is considered a Chinese national treasure. 
With 18 amino acids, 21 essential minerals, 16% protein by volume, vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, E, more beta-carotene than carrots, more calcium than cauliflower, five times the zincof brussel sprouts, the highest potassium content of any known food, the Ningxia wolfberry is a power house of nutrients. It is still prescribed in China for patients with liver and kidney deficiencies, as well as diabetes and vision problems.

The Huang He (Yellow) River originates in the Himalayan Mountains and flows through the 
​Ningxia Province. This glacier runoff creates a mineral-rich, super fertile, silt-water flood plain found nowhere else on earth and referred to as "China's herbal medicine valley". This unique geography produces  incomparable
wolfberries. For centuries people of the Ningxia Province have made Ningxia wolfberries a staple of their diet. And the Chinese national census once reported that the number of Ningxia residents living more than 100 years exceeds thenational average by 400 percent. Each year they hold a two-week festival celebrating the amazing health benefits of the Ningxiawolfberry.​

​​Health benefits of goji berry

The Ningxia wolfberry contains many unique phytonutrients  that have been shown to protect the liver, eyes, heart,  and cellular DNA
–  11 times the level of eye-protecting   zeaxanthin
than raw egg yolks(#2 source)
–  23 percent more protein than raw eggs

–  91 percent more fiber than raw oat
–  10 times the magnesium of raw strawberries
 3 times the vitamin C of oranges
 4 times the potassium of bananas
 Highest level of liver protecting   compounds (cerebrosides)
INCREASED IMMUNITY–  High levels of immune- stimulating polysaccharides
–  Powerful antioxidant  
​–  67 times the level of anti-inflammatory    beta-cryptoxanthin found in oranges 

The Ningxia wolfberry ranks highest of all wolfberries in a protein-sugar complex  known as polysaccharides. Dubbing it "Lycium barbarum polysaccharide",(LBP), researchers began learning that this glycoprotein could be responsible for many of the strong immune-boosting, anticancer, and cardiovascular benefits. A number of studies have documented the cardioprotective, anticancerous, and immune-stimulating properties of the LBP.34-36

The Ningxia wolfberry
is an astounding antioxidant. It protects cells from  oxidation  and inflamation when excessive free radicals  are created in the body. Oxidative stress  has been linked to diseases ranging from cancer to heart disease. In testing developed to measure a food's
free radical  fighting capacity (ORAC), dried Ningxia wolfberries  had the highest score of any whole food. And in a test that measures the  superoxide-scavenging capacity of a food (S-ORAC), superoxide being the most prevalent and damaging  free radical  in the body, again the Ningxia wolfberry  proved superior.  Studies show that eating fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants may help slow aging in the body and in the brain. This research showed that when foods reporting high antioxidants are eaten the levels of antioxidants  in blood increase.29 
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